Hey, hi, how are you?

I'm Rondelle, Creative Director (and every other roll except accountant) at Rondelle Designs; a brand that is fun, quirky and sustainable.

I started Rondelle Designs back in 2014 after finishing Art School (I took myself off to Art school at the age of 31 after going through a divorce and early mid life crisis). I had 3 young kids at the time so could only dedicate part time hours to my brand new business baby.

I ended up finding that physical products featuring my art were a hit with my customers so spent the following 8 years up until 2022 really focused on those. My organic wheat bags, eye pillows, Art Prints and greeting cards all sold extremely well, especially the wheat bags! The only problem was that I got sick of spending my days sewing instead of painting as I made all the products myself. In 2022 I had a decision to make: outsource overseas or locally or discontinue my products so I could get back to actually making art!!

For various reasons, I decided to go with option 3, so now I no longer sell the majority of my physical products excluding the greeting cards which are sold through various retail stores and my etsy shop where I also offer print on demand products (so I don't have to make them myself!). The print on demand option is a brand new thing to me so I'm just testing it out to see how it goes.

I also run in person workshops for both adults and children at my studio - Rita & Frank Creative Studios in Rosebud. This has been such a fun new addition to Rondelle Designs and I'm excited to be launching a brand new online course where I'm sharing how to run in person Creative Workshops as it's a brilliant income stream for Artists and makers and so much fun sharing creativity with other people.

Now let's talk art. I've been an artist all my life. Some of my earliest memories where of me getting out my little sketch book and drawing for hours. It's my happy place and my meditation. I love drawing and painting equally and have honestly struggled with focusing on a style as I just love trying so many different techniques, styles and mediums. I would say I'm most drawn to mixed media art and now digital collage art. I'm using the program Procreate on my ipad more and more to create digital art that I sell as NFTs or printable art prints, but honestly nothing beats getting a blank canvas and the paint brushes out. I also love adding not art things to my paintings...there's something about finding discarded treasures in op shops and flea markets and then incorporating it into my art that I just love. 

Another thing I'm absolutely obsessed with is creating videos for my YouTube channel! I love sharing my creative process with the world as well as business tips for creatives and sometimes the occasional travel vlog now that I'm jet setting all over the place!! Check it out over here 

Me in Brooklyn, New York during my trip in April 2023 for NFT NYC where my art was exhibited as part of the conference. I love Brooklyn!

If you have no idea what the hell an NFT is check out my blog post here