What I'm focusing on for my Art and handmade business in 2022

What I'm focusing on for my Art and handmade business in 2022

In 2021 I set the intention to become much more focused on making and selling my original artwork and build up my printables collections available on my website and etsy.  Here's how it went...

ORIGINAL ART - I sold more original art in  2021 than I ever have before. I'm pretty sure the instigator for this was because I invested in a group coaching program with an amazing business coach Alison Callan.  In our first session she made me book in a date for my very first solo exhibition.  Even the idea of this was SO scary but she helped me stay accountable and I followed through and it was amazing!  I sold 10 pieces in my virtual opening night which I ran through a facebook live because we had just gone back into lockdown the day before! 

Not only did I have great sales straight off, I was so happy with the series of oil paintings that made up part of the exhibition. It was a great development in my art style.  All of the oil paintings sold by the end of the year.  The ones that didn't sell during the exhibition, sold online via the Finders Keepers Online Marketplace.  It's funny how some platforms have the perfect audience for certain products and for this reason, if you are an aspiring artist or maker trying to grow your business, I highly recommend trying a few selling platforms out...both online and in person (eg markets).

This first collection inspired me to keep going!  I had my second solo exhibition - again virtually due to lockdowns.  This one wasn't as successful but i found a new style with pour paint that I loved.  

PRINTABLES - I did not commit to growing my printables much at all.  I went through three day spurts a few times where I went hard and uploaded new products.  This did show results with a some sales but got nowhere near my financial goals for my printable products.  I've realised I have to put a really structured plan in place for my printables so that I actually stick to the production goals which should then see me actually get some good sales.  I'm also setting up a 2022 marketing plan for my printables as I've realised I don't really promote my printable wall art prints much at all. If people don't know I even sell them, how will they buy them?!


Other areas of focus for my art and handmade business in 2022 are Creative Workshops, Youtube and NFTs

WORKSHOPS - I'm so excited to now have a dedicated workshop room at my co-working space Rita & Frank Creative Studios so will be running regular creative workshops for both adults and children.  The adult classes will be Paint and Sip nights and high tea painting mornings.  The kids classes will include a weekly art class for Homeschoolers on the Mornington Peninsula as well as a weekly after school kids craft club.  And I'll also be running a free weekly Creative club for adults who can bring their own projects to work on.  I will also continue my Art Parties and craft parties - perfect for kids and adults birthday parties.

YOUTUBE - I absolutely love making youtube videos, both tutorial 'DIY' art and craft videos as well as my new weekly studio vlog videos where I just document my week with a focus on my artwork and production in my studio.  Youtube doesn't currently generate an income for me but it's growing my community which is fantastic and eventually once I have enough subscribers and watch hours I will be able to monetise my channel and start generating income through google ads.

NFTs - WOW it's a whole new world out there people!!  So NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) are digital artworks that often come with other features like access to events, groups, additional art, etc. I'm still deep diving into educating myself on the nft space but will be realising my first collection in the second half of 2022.  I just need to figure out what the benefits to my collectors will be. Stay tuned!  And if you're interested in learning about NFTs you might like to follow me on twitter as that's where I'll be chatting about the topic the most.


So 2022 for me is all about creating original art with a mix of acrylic and oils on canvas along with lots of lovely digital art.

Here's to an amazing year guys!

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