Here you will find all the links to my current NFT Collections.

I have NFTs on various blockchains including Ethereum, Solana and Tezos, Why? Because I love exploring new things and trying them out myself rather than just going off other people's opinion and I don't think as artists and creatives we need to pick 'one' blockchain. They all have pros and cons. Here

Project 365 Collection on Foundation (Ethereum) - Creating a 1/1 Artwork every day for 365 days (note, not currently minting daily due to extremely high gas prices but will be adding bulk listings of the new pieces every few weeks)

Originals by Rondelle Designs (Ethereum) - this collection has the option to claim the physical painting for free if not already claimed

Happy Flowers (Ethereum) A collection of 9 1/1 Artworks featuring a vase of flowers

Just Breathe Collection on Exchange Art (Solana)

Genesis Collection on Solana (Solana) Exploring AI art combined with my own creations

Nature Scapes (Tezos) A collection of editions exploring tranquil colours and simple lines